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Top 6 White Hat Hackers In The World

Top 6 white hat hackersLet’ begin with who is a white hacker? First of all, white hacker is good, conscientious and ethical hacker, who tries to save the balance of the universe by doing good works. White hats are very useful and it goes without saying they constantly compete with black hats. White hats hackers can be compared with cats, which catch mice, namely they look for defects of the systems. Besides, white hats are computer security guards, they test systems for the level of protection and moreover they improve their skills. Mainly, white hats don’t look for fame or money, they serve in society.It is undeniable that sometimes black hat hackers became white hackers and prevent crimes, because they perfectly know what to do. So who are they main and most famous white hats of all times?
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Stephen Wozniak white hat hackerStephen Wozniak, The Great Woz, as many hackers call him, moreover,  he is “the second half” of Steve Jobs and Apple empire, became as an icon and inspiration for many people, who never lost interest in computer technology. What did he actually do? It is well-known today that he made free long-distance calls possible exploring so-called blue boxes, at the time, when high technology has made its first baby steps.  Nevertheless, one should accept that Woz is an independent developer and worked for the good of people. Currently, Stephen Wozniak is preaching charity and provides new technologies. One can truly say that Stephen Wozniak made a difference in this world and he deserves to be called as a white hat hacker.
Tim Berners-Lee white hat hackerTim Berners-Lee is well-known around the world as fonder of the web we use – World Wide Web. No wonder that this man invented his first computer using iron, as they say necessity is the mother of invention. Doubtless, his innovating had led him to becoming a president of the Open Data Institute in 2012.
Linus Torvals white hat hackerLinus  Torvals created Linux operation system, which many of us use. At the beginning, this system was about to be called as Freax, using the combination of words “ freak” and “free”. Luckily, nowadays we know it as Linux.  As Linus himself once said that all he wanted to have fun doing something he really enjoys. This seems to confirm the idea that it is the great result of having fun!
Tsutomu Shimomura white hat hackerTsutomu Shimomura is also a very good example of a white hat hacker. The bottom line is he tracked down another hacker – Kevin Mitnick, who actually was a black hat hacker. However, later on he has entered the ranks of white hats. Tsutomu Shimomura caught Mitnick with flying colors hacking Mitnick’s phone. Good job catching “black knight”. Currently Shimomura is CEO and CTO of Neofocal System.
Richard Matthew Stallman white hat hackerRichard Matthew Stallman is known also by his initials – RMS. His policy is to give users freedom of usage software as well as education, freedom of voice and choice. He has developed Free software foundation, GNU project, which allows use computer and its devices for freeWhat is more, RMS is a founder of copyright concept. Among the list if his merits are 14 doctorates and professorships.
Johanna Rutkowska white hat hackerWhen it goes about technology and computers, most of the time we mentioned men. Women weren’t pathfinders in this area, however, they have done enough to be mentioned among outstanding white hats. Thus, this smart lady could hide root kits in software and hardware and to make them invisible to a naked eye. One must admit the talent of he woman. To draw the conclusion, one can say that enumerated people have brought its own contribution in foundation and innovation of computer technologies. Until the world has such brainy “white knights”, its save. Paul Smith, as a talented writer and well-known blogger, is wonderful worker of bestresumewritingservice. This brilliant writer is very good at computer technology, computer history and innovations. To find out more about Paul and his works, you can reach him at Google+

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Top 6 Black Hat Hackers In The World

There are two types of hackers. First one are good hackers who are known as “white hat” hackers and another one which we will be talking about today are called “black hat” hackers. In this article, we will be talking about six famous black hat hackers and their hacks which made them famous or wanted.
Young and talented and what is the most important bored teenager, George Hotz wanted to have fun one summer night and  as a result he hacked the Sony’s company Iphone. It happened in June of 2007, by that time George was 17. It was a bit of a challenge, because how to hack device with assistant things?  The secret is to figure out how “to speak to the device”.He also mentioned that what he did was completely legal.It seems people can be dangerous in certain way when they are bored. Who knows what may happen if crazy smart geek will find thy way of his ideas.Kevin Mitnick is well-known as the most-wanted computer criminal in the United States. He was in high school when he started hacking. For several years he hacked dozens of companies.What interesting, for those “services” he was finally arrested in 1995 at his apartment for hacking. Kevin also has served 5 years in prison, nevertheless despite of his experience he runs his own security firm named Mitnick Security Consulting. The other side of the coin is, however Mitnick published a book that calls “Ghost in Wires”, which is about his upps-and-downs, victories and crushes. He shared that every hack was like a climbing to mountain and he reached the Everest. This is one more proof how talent have pined, because of a boredom.Adrian was called as the most effective and controversial hacker of the 21st century. That is very flattering status.He was famous for breaking into several high-profile computer networks. Lamo might use his gift to help people to consult, what is actually he did, but as exception and compromise.His baby steps in hacking, Adrian Lamo made pretty early and became known for the first time for operating AOL watchdog site.As many others, he was arrested in 2003 and had to correspond for each and every computer crime.Thus, even if Lamo now works as a threat analyst and public speaker, his glory will always follow him, because our past if the part of our “present”  and a part of who we are.
This “black hat” McKinnon  hacked into 97 United States military and NASA computers. He could be the biggest threat  for government. Glasgow-born McKinnon wanted the truth to come out and show itself. In March 2002 Gary was arrested by police. “Black hat” used his hacking skills to “research” his beliefs and evidence of UFOs  inexhaustible source of power, into the US government’s computers. He didn’t do that because of boredom, but because of obsession and thirst to hidden knowledge. Probably this computer crime is serious, but forgivable. Man wasn’t going to hack computer system because he was bored or to prove something, we was looking for truth no more than.Story of Jonathan James  is sad, nevertheless his life can be compared to comet – short, but bright. In 1999 teenager at the age of 15 years old hacked into Bellsouth and Miami-Dade school network. Jonathan James damaged NASA Systems, it costed $41,000 to fix the systems.  It goes without saying that he made serious damage. To stole software from NASA that worth $1.7 Million is one the biggest computer crimes. He wasn’t after information or justice, he was after money… As they say, never speak ill of the dead.Jonathan James was sentenced 6 months house arrest and banned from using computer, however that didn’t prevent him to commit suicide.This talented “cyber-terrorists” could have great career and almost blow his chance.  It seems that this hacker likes contracts  and his life reflects it pretty well. He hacked into the US Department of Defense’s Arpanet. However later  he worked as a consultant testing Pentagon computer security. Late on Kevin hacked  FBI, after that hacked phone lines to radio station  of Los Angeles… Poulsen’s life reminded American switchbacks…Certainly he was wanted by FRI  and finally they caught him. Despite of such interesting past, Kevin is law-abiding citizen and has several awards  of International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.
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