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The Pros, Cons, and Alternatives to Using a Camera Strap

The Pros, Cons, and Alternatives to Using a Camera Strap

Camera straps will give you safety and security, but they’re not always comfortable and they can get in the way. The photo experts at Stack Exchange offer some advice on whether you need a strap and present some alternatives.

What are the pros and cons of using a camera strap? My personal preference is to use no strap at all, which I find best for my shooting habits. And what other straps are available? How do they address the problems of the default strap?

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Context is what defines what a photographer should use. Without knowing in what context people use camera straps, it’s tough to pick if a strap is right for you, and if so, which.

The strap I use is a heavily padded version of the standard neck-strap. It makes a world of difference for comfort, but otherwise works much like standard strap, although it does have a quick-release system which I rarely use.

Faster lens changes: Straps allow a camera to hang conveniently right in front of me—a great spot to change lenses, which I sometimes do dozens of times per day. When strapless, it takes me at least twice the time.Fail-Safe: The neck-strap I use stays on my neck most of the time. If I set up my tripod on a precarious location, I keep my neck through the strap. Shooting downwards from a balcony, you better keep the strap on!Security: Keeps the camera safe from accidental knocks. If it gets knocked or I get pushed, chances are the camera will not fall. In some environments such as crowded streets or markets, it is impossible to prevent something from knocking the camera.Hands-Free: There are plenty of things to do while taking pictures that work better with both hands free: handing out business cards, writing people’s emails, handing out model-release forms, etc.Anti-Theft: There’s less risk someone can take away my camera if its attached to my neck. Some camera straps have an embedded metal wire to prevent slashing.Multiple Cameras: The straps may get entangled but at least it makes it easy to shoot with multiple cameras.Noticeable: A camera strap makes it obvious that there is someone with a camera taking photos.Shooting Down: When shooting the nadir shot for a panorama, the strap needs to be carefully folded up to prevent it from showing up in images.There are a few different straps which I use regularly, mostly with smaller cameras. My favorite stealth strap is a Hand-Strap, which wraps around the palm, though some photographers prefer a wrist strap. There are pros and cons for these straps as well:

Pro: More safety than no strap. Particularly from accidental knocks.Con: Strain risk. With a hand strap, you support the weight of the camera at all times, so I rarely use it with something big.There are tons of custom straps and I have had some of the following issues with all of those that I’ve tried, except for the Bosstrap:

Block the tripod mount: Most rapid straps hook to the tripod mount which can be annoying when using a tripod.Poor tripod contact: Even the few models with a pass-through offset the mount making it so your camera is no longer aligned on its optical axis. Straps can also reduce the contact-surface between the camera and quick-release plate.Issues with camera bags: Have you seen the videos selling rapid straps? People never use a camera bag! My guess is that it would get entangled with a shoulder-bag (my favorite), not work at all with a sling (second favorite), and probably cause difficulty with a backpack, which you should probably never use for photography anyway.There are a few more complex options aimed at professionals that I haven’t yet tried:

Harness: A harness can provide good comfort and distribution of weight, while holding multiple cameras easily. It can be extremely secure.Holster: You can have holsters which attach to your belt (a friend actually had two sewn to a padded belt) and simply draw the cameras out and drop them back when you need to free your hands. This worked well for two cameras with one lens each but probably won’t work if you need to carry more.Belt-Clips: Clips are also available that attach to an ordinary belt with a matching piece that screws into the tripod-mount, but lets the camera slip and lock into the clip quickly.In addition to camera bags designed as a “holster” such as the Naneu C5, there are systems such as the Capture Clip, and the Spider Holster which allow you a little more versatility.

The Capture is pretty nice because the mounting plate is Arca Swiss (you have to use their plate with their bracket, but their plate works with other Arca Swiss products, like tripod heads), and it has a fairly low profile. I have medium sized hands and I can use my camera in portrait mode with my hand wrapped around the grip and over the bracket without any issues. It’s not uncomfortable like other brackets I’ve tried. The only disadvantage I can think of is that the bracket can be uncomfortable if you’re sitting down and it’s around your waist.

The Spider Holster comes highly recommended from some pros I know. At over $135, the Spider is relatively expensive, but it is supposed to be very comfortable and secure.

Disagree with the answers above? Leave your own answer or submit a comment at the original post. Find more questions like it at Photography Stack Exchange, a question and answer community for professional and enthusiast photographers. And if you’ve got your own question that requires a solution, ask. You’ll get an answer. (And it’s free.)

Image remixed from Dennis Cox (1, 2) and Diego Schtutman (Shutterstock).

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Hacking Someone’s Facebook Password Using Some Software Or Website? No Sir You Can’t!

facebook hackingDo you know there are over thousands of websites and software that claim to hack Facebook password of any account? They’d ask you the victim’s profile ID, maybe your credentials and some money too and will reportedly tell you the password which, to be honest, never works. Ever wonder why? Let me tell you why, they’re FAKE! They’re a scam which tricks you somehow in losing your money or your own Facebook account. Just give it a thought, why would Zuckerberg and his team spend Billions of Dollars on Facebook if one could hack it in less than a minute? Today, we’ll take a look at this topic in detail with some example websites and software and get answers to some common related questions.
Back in 2005, I came across a mechanism that reportedly hacked Yahoo mail password for a user using some simple tricks. It didn’t work for me for obvious reasons but I didn’t stop believing the possibility until I grew up to realize how helpless I am here. One of the major concerns of large organizations like Facebook and Yahoo is security because of the super sensitive information about people they have. Several hundred million dollars are spend yearly by these organizations to ensure security and then there’s these websites that claim to undo all that protection in less than a minute.
Let’s start with some examples here. I googled the subject and picked the top results without order. Didn’t care to search harder because there are thousands such and I know that all are FAKE.
So let’s look at this
hacking facebook passwordTheir FREE Facebook hacker program is said to be capable of cracking the password of any Facebook user within a day. Sounds cool, I could try it out, but my Norton Antivirus rejected the file straight away.
I also picked up another one. This Hack-Fbook-Password asks me to enter the profile ID of a user and it will crack the password. I said Okay and began the process.facebook hackingIt ran certain algorithms to determine the password and finally landed me on a page that said I could DOWNLOAD the password IF I fill an online survey first. Those of you who’ve been redirected to surveys would know they don’t work and are put just so to get traffic and earn money.
I said maybe I should leave the website now but hey, they gave me a prize!hacking facebook
So I just became the luckiest person in my city just like that!

Now tell me, how can a sane person believe in all this?

Let me get this straight to you, these websites do nothing at all just waste your time and are never able to do the job. In fact, downloaded programs just make the situation worse when you run them. I had my Norton Antivirus to guard me otherwise I could be in severe danger currently.These software are mostly keyloggers and tracking programs that record your keystrokes and action and steal personal information from your computer in the background and send it to their master servers. So ultimately a hacker wannabe gets hacked, how ironic!From now on in the post, I’ll be using the word ‘Hacker’ for these websites and software since you’re no more in the position to be called that.
facebook hackSetting up websites, maintaining them and developing software is not an easy task. It requires some money. So why do these ‘hackers’ do all the hassle? It’s because they get equivalent or more money in return. They can extract your credit card details and other banking info from your system and use it for their advantage. They can hack your account and use it for wrong purposes. Give me one reason why one wouldn’t steal money and hack accounts for no loss.
facebook hackWhy do people try to use such unreal hacking procedures? It’s because it’s unreal to me, it’s unreal to you but not to those who are not much familiar with the working of a software. They get in the web of these hackers and eventually get screwed up pretty bad without consent.The websites give guarantees and also portray their ‘imaginary’ happy customers so as to trick a reader. Such tactics are simple but really powerful and serves to their advantage in most cases. This is also why there are thousands of such websites available.
facebook hackingWell, NO. Facebook accounts can be hacked. No online service is foolproof and that is because of the flaws and bugs in their software. There are several ACTUAL hackers in the world who can analyse a website’s security and use that against it thus making hacking a reality. But I’m 100% sure none of them uses these scam and fake websites that claim to do the impossible. You can check out our hacking section to know more.I’ll end the ‘lesson’ with an idiom, “look before you leap”. Focus, think and then follow. In case of any queries or confusions head over to the comments section. Cheers 🙂

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Opening Number Of Websites Using Python

Opening Number Of Websites Using PythonSo you just started in python programming, and want to prank your arch nemesis. Here i will teach you how to open any website on his computer using python.

Before you begin download and install python from Here

Step 1:
open notepad and type

import webbrowser

In python the “import” statement is used to add a module to your project. In this case we want to add the webbrowser module.

Step 2:‘http://SITE HERE!.com’)

This is calling the open function on your default web browser. You pass it an url in the form of a string.

Possible usages:
You can add as many websites as you want like show below‘’)‘’)
url = “”;

The complete code will look something like below
import webbrowser‘’)‘’)‘’)‘’)

Step 3

Save the file as
Enjoy pranking your friends and if you wish to learn more programming then check out our article below.

About Guest Blogger
Cordell Wildermuth is a young blogger. He loves Blogging on high quality secutiy and hacking tutorial. He is currently running his security blog infosmuggler

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Hacking Window 7 Password Using Ophcrack

In this tutorial i will teach you to hack Window 7 password using free open source software called ophcrack. This hack also works on Windows XP and Windows Vista. So let get started.

Opcrack is an open source windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It comes with Graphical user interface(GUI) and runs on multiple platform such windows, linux and mac.  It allows you to recover or hack windows password.
Before you start doing this you will need a blank CD or DVD to burn the live image of ophcrack.

1. Download Opcrack Live Cd by Clicking Here.
2. Download windows xp or windows 7 live cd depending on platform you are wishing to hack. For example:
Windows 7 or Windows Vista: Click on ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD.Windows XP: Click on ophcrack XP LiveCD.  2. Now burn the live image on to the cd.
3. Insert the disc into drive and restart you computer.
4. If everything goes right you will see screen like below.
window7 password hacking
5. After you see screen like above wait for ophcrack to boot automatically or you may press Enter to advance.
6. Now you will see several lines of code printed on screen or they might disappear very quickly (you dont need to worry about that).
7. Then you will see screen like below it is ophcrack password recovering software. At the Ophcrack screen it shows the Administrator and Guest account. Notice the word “empty”. This means that if the account is enabled you could log in without a password.
Windows 7 Password hacking  8. Ophcrack WILL NOT CRACK THE PASSWORD because the hash table which it needs is not available for free. But it does show the NTLM hash.
9. Copy this hash value which is under NT Hash field.
10. Navigate to which is an online hash cracking tool.
11. Type in the hash value you copied down in Step 9, Enter the captche and click on Crack Hashes.

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Redirect To Any Website Using Google Url

Redirect Any Website Using Google UrlToday i will show you to make google link that redirects you to any webpage you wish. This url will start with and followed with some characters and symbols. You can trick users to visit your site by changing your webpage url that look like google. As no one will doubt google. So lets get in to.
Visiting the below link you will be redirected to

1. Go to Google Redirect Exploit
2. Enter Your Url in the input box as shown below
Redirect Any Website Using Google Url3. After entering the url click on submit and Google’s url will be generated in the textarea as show below.Redirect Any Website Using Google Url
4. Now you can use that url and upon visiting that url you will be redirected to your site.

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