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How to Fix the Most Common iMessage Problems

How to Fix the Most Common iMessage Problems

Apple’s iMessage is a great way to get around text messaging fees and send messages to other Apple users for free, but it’s not without its problems. Unfortunately, unlike traditional SMS, the problems don’t seem to magically work themselves out on their own, so here’s how to fix some of the more common issues you might come across.

How to Fix the Most Common iMessage Problems

Setting up iMessage to receive messages on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac shouldn’t be rocket science, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to get working properly. First things first, follow this guide for the initial set up. If everything is working properly, you’re good to go. If not, it’s time to check on a few of the settings.

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Apple Sued Due to iMessage Bug Causing Undelivered Text Messages

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It was only a few days ago that we told you about a bug causing newly-converted Android users to have their incoming text messages hijacked by iMessage, and now a report from Bloomberg says that the Cupertino corporation is now being sued over the issue.

The problem is caused by an oversight in the iMessage system, which causes users who have switched away from the iPhone to not receive text messages from those still on Apple’s platform. After switching to Android or any other platform, iMessage still sees your phone number in the iMessage network, causing messages sent over iMessage to be sent to that device you switched from–whether or not it’s still working.

While it’s helpful that Apple automatically defaults to the less expensive and faster iMessage platform, those who have decided to move away from the service are not automatically being recognized as such–iMessage currently has no way of knowing that you don’t want to use it anymore. What’s worse is that those who should be receiving the messages are left completely unaware that they’re missing something.

Some AppleCare employees are asking that those on the sending end remove and add the receiver’s contact, but this isn’t a feasible solution, especially considering there’s no way of knowing who you’re missing messages from. There could be an unlimited number of people that are attempting to reach you, and it’s not feasible to ask each of them to add and remove your contact, even if you do find out who they all are.

Users who have previously experienced this issue say that going to iMessage settings on the iPhone being moved away from and toggling the service to be completely off will resolve the issue, but this isn’t an answer for everyone. Some had their phones completely destroyed, for example, and have no way of reaching that toggle other than setting their iMessage account up on another iPhone.

As expected, the lawsuit filed by a customer against Apple says that the user stopped receiving messages from iOS devices after switching to the Android platform.

Have you had this problem?

[via Business Insider]

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