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Top 10 Awesome Features of Google Now

Top 10 Awesome Features of Google NowS

Google Now, the mind-reading personal assistant for iOS and Android, has gotten a ton of updates lately, making it the perfect smartphone companion for…well, anything. Here’s a list of the coolest stuff it can do.

Google Now does a ton of awesome stuff, and it’s releasing new features all the time. For an up to date list of what it can do—and how to enable the different cards—check out Google’s list of cards available in Now (and a list of some services it integrates with).

Top 10 Awesome Features of Google Now

You spend a lot of time driving (or riding transit) between work, events, seeing friends, and everything else. Google Now can make it a lot easier. If you enter your work address in its settings, it’ll always let you know how long it’ll take to get there, so you don’t get unexpectedly caught in traffic. It supports driving and public transit, and will even remember where you parked or tell you when the last train leaves. You can even share your commute with your family and friends, so they can check up on when you’re getting home.

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The top Mac OS X features we absolutely want to see in iOS 8

os x mavericks

While Apple’s recent OS X releases have been mainly focused on bringing iOS-like features to the Mac, Apple has also introduced a number of new features only on OS X, some of which we’d like to see on iOS as well.

Here’s our list of OS X features that we want to see in iOS 8:

File Tagging

In OS X Mavericks, along with the traditional file system hierarchy of files and folders, Apple also let users organise files by tags. Users can tag files, and all files with the same tag, irrespective of their location, parent folder would appear under the same tag in Finder.

A major frustration of iOS has been the inability of apps to share files between each other, and file tagging could be a great way to accomplish this without exposing the complexities of the hierarchical file system.

finder tags

Apps draining your battery

Another great OS X Mavericks feature is its ability to tell you which apps are consuming the most energy. This helps you in troubleshooting excessive battery drain, help save battery in times of need, and delete unwanted applications that unnecessarily eat up your battery. Battery life is still not perfect on the iPhone, especially with the recent addition of iOS 7 Background App Refresh, so a similar option on iOS would be very useful.

significant energy mac os x apps

Offline Siri Dictation

Siri has improved a lot since it was first introduced with iOS 5. One aspect that still lags behind is dictation, specifically the ability to use Siri’s speech-to-text engine without connectivity. Apple brought this to the Mac with OS X Mavericks, and we hope it is working on something similar for iOS 8 too.

Actionable Notifications

Notifications mostly ask for a response, be it in the form of a text message, an @mention on Twitter or a comment on Facebook. Apple added Quick Reply to notification alerts in OS X, so that you could directly respond from the alert itself rather than opening the app.

I’d however argue that the feature is more necessary on iOS than the Mac given how tedious it is to switch between multiple apps on iOS than on OS X. We’ve already seen a number of Quick Reply jailbreak tweaks, but we hope Apple finally adds it in iOS 8.

interactive notifications os x


Apple addressed a big frustration of iOS, and let users share items like photos, videos and links wirelessly with ease, but a big frustration factor still remained — you couldn’t AirDrop files from iPhone to your Mac, or vice versa. We hope that Apple addresses this with iOS 8, and makes the required under-the-hood technical changes to make AirDrop across all platforms compatible with each other.


Let us know if you have any other Mac features that you’d want to see in iOS 8.

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