Apple and Google agree to end patent lawsuits and work together on patent reform

19 May

apple-logo9513According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Google have reached an agreement that would put an end to all patent infringement lawsuits between the two companies. Going forward, the pair would work together on patent reform.

This agreement would dismiss over 20 lawsuits worldwide involving Apple and Google. This was an agreement to suspend litigation and not an agreement over alleged infringement as there was no cross-licensing agreements included in this deal. It also does not cover any ongoing litigation with Samsung.

Apple Inc. and Google Inc. agreed to dismiss all lawsuits between them, bringing to a close a patent dispute between the iPhone maker and the Web giant’s Motorola unit.

In a joint statement, Apple and Google said there was no cross-licensing agreement as part of the truce. The companies said they will work together in “some areas of patent reform.”

Apple and Google have faced off in the past, most recently in a California-based lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. Google executives testified on behalf of Samsung to show that Android developed outside the influence of the iPhone. Google alsooffered indemnity for the Korean company. In that case, a jury awarded Apple $119.6 million in damages for infringing on Apple’s patents.

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