Are those pigs flying overhead? Nope, it’s the all-new Convert 2!

18 May

Even though tap tap tap is known mainly for our flashlight app, some of you may be surprised to find out that we’ve created a few other apps over the years like TV recorders and fake phone call apps.

Another one of these apps that we’ve created was Convert, which is a unit converter and calculator. Even though it’s been somewhat dwarfed by some of our other apps, Convert’s been absolutely no slouch, selling over 350,000 copies to date, making it almost definitely the most popular paid unit converter in the App Store. And today, I’m really happy to present to you the all-new Convert 2!

If you’re already familiar with Convert, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has a new visual design that fits very nicely in iOS 7. Like with our recent release of Camera+ 4, you can see that even though the visual design is all-new and is right at home on Apple’s new iOS, it still feels like the easy to use, intuitive Convert that so many of you love.

So besides the complete makeover, what’s new? The biggest addition is the full scientific calculator. With our innovative SwipePad, we’ve added two new, easy access keypad panels so that you can perform all kinds of advanced calculations right within Convert now. Simply swipe the keypad left or right to get to all this new goodness. A few of you might’ve remembered the SwipePad from when it debuted in Calcbot when we partnered with Tapbots on it… and now it’s finally come to Convert.

For Convert 2, we’ve added nine new unit categories, bringing the total up to 24. Here are the new ones…

AudioData TransferFlowFrequencyFuel ConsumptionIlluminanceShoe SizeSI PrefixesTorque

Here are all the new units we’ve added to existing unit categories…

Energy KilojoulesMegajoulesGigajoulesLength Power Pressure Centimeters of WaterMillimeters of MercuryVolume Oil BarrelsCubic YardsMicrolitersWeight GrainsTroy OuncesNanogramsMicrogramsMilligrams

And here’s the big list of the 22 new currencies added…

Argentine PesosBolivian BolivianosBulgarian LevaColumbian PesosCosta Rican ColonesCroatian KunaDominican PesosEgyptian PoundsGhanaian CedisGuatemalan QuetzalesJamaican DollarsJordanian DinarsKenyan ShillingsLatvian LatiLithuanian LitaiMoroccan DirhamsPeruvian Nuevos SolesPolish ZlotysRomanian LeiTrinidadian DollarsTurkish LirasVietnamese Dong (snicker)

When you tap & hold the favorites button, you now get a popup that enables you to immediately get to the favorite you want.

For the Clear key, we’ve added backspace functionality to it so that if you mistype one number, you don’t have to start over from scratch.

And we’ve added a bunch of settings for Convert 2. You can simplify your units picker by turning off any unit categories and units that you know you don’t need. And you can now disable automatic currency exchange rate fetching so you can save on data/roaming charges.

I’m pretty surprised that none of you typography geeks ever noticed this, but for Convert 1, we were using a dash character instead of a proper minus symbol. This has been remedied in v2. It was an absolute travesty and I’ll be strapping on a cone of shame to make up for missing it for so long.

So hop on over to get more info on Convert 2. As always, this giant update is absolutely free to all existing Convert owners. We hope you find it really useful and very nicely done. Grab it now while it’s on sale for 99¢!


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